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Php sesam query () function

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(PHP 3 CVS only)

sesam_query -- Perform a SESAM SQL query and prepare the result


string sesam_query ( string query [, bool scrollable] )

Returns: A SESAM "result identifier" on success, or FALSE on error.

A "result_id" resource is used by other functions to retrieve the query results.

sesam_query() sends a query to the currently active database on the server. It can execute both "immediate" SQL statements and "select type" queries. If an "immediate" statement is executed, then no cursor is allocated, and any subsequent sesam_fetch_row() or sesam_fetch_result() call will return an empty result (zero columns, indicating end-of-result). For "select type" statements, a result descriptor and a (scrollable or sequential, depending on the optional boolean scrollable parameter) cursor will be allocated. If scrollable is omitted, the cursor will be sequential.

When using "scrollable" cursors, the cursor can be freely positioned on the result set. For each "scrollable" query, there are global default values for the scrolling type (initialized to: SESAM_SEEK_NEXT) and the scrolling offset which can either be set once by sesam_seek_row() or each time when fetching a row using sesam_fetch_row().

For "immediate" statements, the number of affected rows is saved for retrieval by the sesam_affected_rows() function.

See also: sesam_fetch_row() and sesam_fetch_result().

Example 1. Show all rows of the "phone" table as a HTML table

if (!sesam_connect("phonedb", "demo", "otto"))
"cannot connect");
$result = sesam_query("select * from phone");
if (!
$result) {
$err = sesam_diagnostic();
    die (
"<table border>\n";
// Add title header with column names above the result:
if ($cols = sesam_field_array($result)) {
"<tr><th colspan=" . $cols["count"] . ">Result:</th></tr>\n";
    for (
$col = 0; $col < $cols["count"]; ++$col) {
$colattr = $cols[$col];
/* Span the table head over SESAM's "Multiple Fields": */
if ($colattr["count"] > 1) {
"<th colspan=\"" . $colattr["count"] . "\">" . $colattr["name"] .
"(1.." . $colattr["count"] . ")</th>\n";
$col += $colattr["count"] - 1;
        } else
"<th>" . $colattr["name"] . "</th>\n";

do {
// Fetch the result in chunks of 100 rows max.
$ok = sesam_fetch_result($result, 100);
    for (
$row=0; $row < $ok["rows"]; ++$row) {
" <tr>\n";
        for (
$col = 0; $col < $ok["cols"]; ++$col) {
            if (isset(
$ok[$col][$row])) {
"<td>" . $ok[$col][$row] . "</td>\n";
            } else {
} while (
$ok["truncated"]); // while there may be more data

echo "</table>\n";
// free result id

Php sesam query Function syntax tag

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Php sesam query syntax tutorial

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