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Php session start () function

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(PHP 4 , PHP 5)

session_start -- Initialize session data


bool session_start ( void )

session_start() creates a session or resumes the current one based on the current session id that's being passed via a request, such as GET, POST, or a cookie.

This function always returns TRUE.

Note: If you are using cookie-based sessions, you must call session_start() before anything is outputted to the browser.

Example 1. A session example: page1.php

// page1.php


'Welcome to page #1';

$_SESSION['favcolor'] = 'green';
$_SESSION['animal']   = 'cat';
$_SESSION['time']     = time();

// Works if session cookie was accepted
echo '<br /><a href="page2.php">page 2</a>';

// Or maybe pass along the session id, if needed
echo '<br /><a href="page2.php?' . SID . '">page 2</a>';

After viewing page1.php, the second page page2.php will magically contain the session data. Read the session reference for information on propagating session ids as it, for example, explains what the constant SID is all about.

Example 2. A session example: page2.php

// page2.php


'Welcome to page #2<br />';

$_SESSION['favcolor']; // green
echo $_SESSION['animal'];   // cat
echo date('Y m d H:i:s', $_SESSION['time']);

// You may want to use SID here, like we did in page1.php
echo '<br /><a href="page1.php">page 1</a>';

If you want to use a named session, you must call session_name() before calling session_start().

session_start() will register internal output handler for URL rewriting when trans-sid is enabled. If a user uses ob_gzhandler or like with ob_start(), the order of output handler is important for proper output. For example, user must register ob_gzhandler before session start.

Note: Use of zlib.output_compression is recommended rather than ob_gzhandler()

Note: As of PHP 4.3.3, calling session_start() while the session has already been started will result in an error of level E_NOTICE. Also, the second session start will simply be ignored.

See also $_SESSION, session.auto_start, and session_id().

Php session start Function syntax tag

session start php code on this is provided for your study purpose, it will guide you to know how create and design a website using php. use it to practice and train your self online

Php session start syntax tutorial

php tutorial guide and code design are for easy learning and programming. The code practice section provided at the top is for practising of this syntax. Use the code section up to practice your php programming online. Learning php is very easy, all you need is to use the examples on this site and practice them to perfect your skills.

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