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Audio Streams

ogg:// PHP 4.3.0 and up (PECL)

  • ogg://soundfile.ogg

  • ogg:///path/to/soundfile.ogg

  • ogg://

This wrapper is not enabled by default: In order to use the ogg:// wrapper you must install the OGG/Vorbis extension available from PECL.

Files opened for reading via the ogg:// wrapper are treated as compressed audio encoded using the OGG/Vorbis codec. Similarly, files opened for writing or appending via the ogg:// wrapper are writen as compressed audio data. stream_get_meta_data(), when used on an OGG/Vorbis file opened for reading will return various details about the stream including the vendor tag, any included comments, the number of channels, the sampling rate, and the encoding rate range described by: bitrate_lower, bitrate_upper, bitrate_nominal, and bitrate_window.

Table L-10. Wrapper Summary

Restricted by allow_url_fopen.No
Allows ReadingYes
Allows WritingYes
Allows AppendingYes
Allows Simultaneous Reading and WritingNo
Supports stat()No
Supports unlink()No
Supports rename()No
Supports mkdir()No
Supports rmdir()No

Table L-11. Context options

pcm_mode PCM encoding to apply while reading, one of: OGGVORBIS_PCM_U8, OGGVORBIS_PCM_S8, OGGVORBIS_PCM_U16_BE, OGGVORBIS_PCM_S16_BE, OGGVORBIS_PCM_U16_LE, and OGGVORBIS_PCM_S16_LE. (8 vs 16 bit, signed or unsigned, big or little endian) OGGVORBIS_PCM_S16_LERead
rate Sampling rate of input data, expressed in Hz 44100Write/Append
bitrate When given as an integer, the fixed bitrate at which to encode. (16000 to 131072) When given as a float, the variable bitrate quality to use. (-1.0 to 1.0) 128000Write/Append
channels The number of audio channels to encode, typically 1 (Mono), or 2 (Stero). May range as high as 16. 2Write/Append
comments An array of string values to encode into the track header.  Write/Append

Php Function syntax tag php code on this is provided for your study purpose, it will guide you to know how create and design a website using php. use it to practice and train your self online

Php syntax tutorial

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